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how-to-netflix-apple-tv-subtile2(image 1)

how-to-netflix-apple-tv-subtile1(image 2)

之前為了看Breaking Bad特別把NetFlix的月租計劃改為unlimited streaming,並且使用家裡的apple tv在大螢幕看,但一直苦惱於缺乏字幕,有時候一聽半懂,後來發現Apple TV可以秀字幕,真是喜出望外,馬上試了ㄧ下

“SUBTITLES FOR THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING”,but I, still need it. I switched to Netflix Unlimited Streaming plan because of “Breaking Bad”. In the first place, I was suffering from watching the show without subtitle. Couple days ago, I finally found a solution, which is a hidden function in Apple TV remove (oh yay!)





  • 在apple tv的遙控器的”上”鍵快按兩次(上圖A),然後會跳出如image1的畫面
  • 再按住選擇鍵(上圖B)不放,直到出現image2的畫面

Pick a movie / show you want,

  • Press “Up” key twice (see A), then you will see image1 pops
  • Then hold the “Select” key (see B), until you see image2 pops


That’s it#


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