最近我們的app快上架了 最近為了該定多少售價 都還沒有一個定案:

  • 是免費 然後先衝下載量 並取得客戶反應好呢?
  • 或是多少收點錢像是$0.99 可以有些收入?
  • 還是來個逆向思考收個$6.99之類的?

每種方式似乎都有好壞 今天剛好看到個舊文章 其中這段話 似乎給了我一些想法:

“So far, we’ve sold nearly 2,000 copies of Draft. That’s about $20,000 in revenue. We are much happier with $20,000 in revenue from 2,000 customers than $20,000 in revenue from 10,000 or 20,000 customers. Given our current resources and team, we can happily serve 2,000 Draft customers, plus all our other customers.”

原文是37Signal的Jason Fried寫的



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