Arras Theme: 調整post內圖片的方式

問題: 雖然Arras Theme 的post內文可顯示620寬的圖片 單張ok 但用多張排在一起切齊成620時 在實際網頁上看時會自動被縮到下一排

經反覆實驗結果 610會比較安全

範例: 2張圖並排

  1. 先將2張圖的寬都等比例調成W:300 然後高會自動調整
  2. 將兩高數值相加後除2 即得到目標高度  因為橫向排列須同高才好看
  3. 將所得到的目標高度分別填入 然後寬會自動調整
  4. 兩個寬相加後應會接近610


  • 圖片不要用任何”文繞圖”的選項


使用Arras主題時,即使已經中文化,在‘繼續閱讀’的字樣上仍是‘Contines Reading ’另外還有‘Older Entries’,‘Newer Entries’要修改,方式如下:

將“Continues Reading”改成”繼續閱讀“



將‘Older Entries’,‘Newer Entries’改成中文




如何使用Arras theme

>Add any amount f images from any where >Assigned an image as a “Featured image”: This image “must be” inside the WP Media, which means need to be either in the wp content folder or select locally >No need to add “Thumb” in custom class >No need to assign the thumb image as a thumbnail size >Insert original via WP tool first, tweak size later >You can assign any feature image on the library/media as the thumb, even you didn’t insert that image in the post >Stretch issue: The “feature image”(thumb) must has enough resolution, otherwise it will stretch => larger than “640×250” >Each post can assign its own “featured image”, it won’t affect other posts

Slideshow bottom-bar Opacity


  • Why I can not see any thumbnail?
  • Did you set any “feature image” yet?