Unity出現access denied與mono develop auto completion失效的解決方式

最近一直有個錯誤一直很礙眼,專案仍可運作,但一行紅色錯誤一直揮之不去就是很礙眼,主要是這個錯誤“unity unauthorizedaccessexception access to the path is denied…”,這個錯誤連帶(可能)使得Mono Develop的自動顯示程式碼的功能也失效了,搞了幾天,現在大概有個解決的方式了

recently, I was annoying by an error “unity unauthorizedaccessexception access to the path is denied…”. This error also failed auto completion in the Mono Develop. Finally, I seems solve this issue today…


All you need to do is to remove all files which come with following names in the project folder (outside Unity)

  • .unityproj
  • .csproj
  • .sln



and then, restart Unity.

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